Sunday, January 27, 2008

Thrifting--my way

I've always been a little jealous when people post about their thrifting finds. I just have never had much luck at thrift stores. Mostly because my kids have no patience when it comes to stores like that, but also because the Goodwill people in my city seem to know what the good stuff is and price it way high.
Anyway, just before we moved into this house my husband met the sellers. It turned out that they're an elderly couple. The wife looked like she'd recently had a bad fall. She was limping and had a black eye. The husband had been working very hard all on his own to get the house cleaned up and ready for us. We know this because we drove by every day and he always seemed to be there loading up his car with stuff. Shortly before closing, their realtor left us with a list of things that they wanted to leave with the house--an old TV, a dresser, some plants, an assortment of nails in the garage--nothing that sounded too exciting. But because we felt kind of sorry for them, we decided to accept it. A lot of it wasn't really our style, but Dave hauled a load away with his pick up, so that was no big deal. However, we ended up with enough treasures to furnish a bedroom for one of the boys.

I love the rocker, but the poor seat is shedding all over the floor. Maybe I'll have to take up caning or rush weaving or whatever-it's-called and fix it up.

Here's one more thing they left for us. This lovely lady graces our garden, weighs a ton and is the subject of many an ogle. The baby points at her and says "nai nai," which is Chinese for you-know-what. I rather like her, but may have to craiglist her to someone who has a little less testosterone running around in their backyard.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Puppet Style Oven Mitts

The wonderful folks at Michael Miller have posted my tutorial and pattern for puppet style oven mitts. Go have a look!
Now, back to my packing....buh bye.