Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Thank you, friends!

I've had the good fortune of getting some goodies in the mail from blogging friends lately. Keri, from Knitty Gritty Thoughts is an enabler!!! She saw that I bought some sock yarn and has been gently nudging me into sock knitting. Look at the needles she sent me (size 1--aaaaah!!) I'd actually started some socks, was about 5 inches into them, but was using needles that were way too big (3's). Thanks to her advice, I decided to frog them and start all over with a smaller size. Then Mikey decided to come 5 days early, so that was 5 fewer evenings for me to work on sock knitting (that's OK, I forgive you Mikey!). Now that I'm up 2 -3 times at night, I try to get to bed at 9:30 every night because I don't have the luxury of napping during the day. Once I get my evenings back, I will be working on socks--promise! ;) Also, the little hat she made for the baby is in Rowan cashsoft, and let me tell you, it is the softest thing ever. Thank you so much, Keri! Someday, I would looove to be able to knit things as beautifully as you do.

And check out this precious blankie from fellow Washingtonian Kathy of Pink Chalk Studio. The photos don't do it justice, as the fabrics are so pretty and there are different textures for the baby to feel--smooth, terry cloth, and waffle weave--fun! And then the backing is made out of flannel with all these animals doing their thing: alligators holding apples, bears with bread, cows with canes...this blankie doubles as an alphabet book! Ha! You know I love your style, Kathy! I'm so happy to be the proud owner of a Kathy original :) By the way, I keep meaning to mention this, but Kathy made the most gorgeous quilt a couple of months ago. It's my all-time fave quilt on the internet.

Thank you so much Keri and Kathy for your generosity and for thinking of me. I feel very honored and fortunate to be at the receiving end of your kindness. Blessings to you both!

Friday, June 23, 2006

They're Gone!

Dave's parents, Oma and Opa, came to help out with the boys for 10 days. It's been a whirlwind of activity at our house--lots of noise, laughter, good food, fun, and conversation. Thankfully, Oma always made sure I had plenty of time to rest and bond with Mikey, and both of them were so gracious about watching the boys during the many doctors visits we've had to make for both me and the babe. Amazing how many of those there are. My incision became infected and I'm now on antibiotics, which seem to be helping. It's frustrating that I'm still not feeling like my old self yet. I just don't have the energy level I had at this time after my other c-sections. I can't wait to feel "normal" again.

Anyway, I don't know what I'm going to do without Oma and Opa. Three kids is really hard!!!! Keith loves to be out in the backyard, Davey is my indoor boy, and I'm constantly running back and forth between the two. Davey has been an angel with Mikey from the start. Lots of hugs and kisses. Keith, on the other hand has been showing anger, aggression, and a general bad attitude. Not towards the baby, thank goodness, but towards us. If I ask him to do anything, the answer is pretty consistently "I don't want to!" I can't wait to have my old Keith back. I'm hoping in the next few weeks....

The other day we stopped off at Baskin Robbins for some ice cream, and our pastor's wife, "Miss Beverly" happened to be there with her daughter. My Davey is totally in love with Miss Beverly. She teaches children's church and a few weeks ago she sent him a little card in the mail which he promptly put in his treasure box and told me that he would keep forever. Ever since then, whenever he sees her, I swear, his face lights up and little hearts float out of his head. Anyway, at the ice cream shop, he went right up to her and very loudly introduced his little brother: "Miss Beverly, this is my little brother Mikey. He still has his umbilical cord!" Yes, that is the most salient piece of info you should know about Mikey.
And for the record, it fell off this morning.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Just Checking In

Just a quick post while I have a second. I just wanted to say thank you for all your supportive comments and well wishes. Dave printed them off and brought them to me at the hospital...and it was so wonderful to read your loving words. Thank you so much! It meant so much to me!

We made it home on Tuesday, and Dave's parents flew in from PA that evening. It's been great having them here to play with the boys and take care of us while I'm recovering. I'm still on painkillers, which I NEED, but they make me drowsy, and so I try to nap when I get the chance. For some reason, my incision is still bleeding (TMI, sorry), so I need to get that checked out. And I'm hurting and bruised in every place imaginable, but thankfully, the euphoria of having a new little cutie is keeping me going. We have been dealing with some jaundice, but he's feeding well and at 5 days post partum is almost back up to his birth weight, so the doctor told us today that we don't have a thing to worry about on the jaundice front, thank goodness.

Thinking about you all and how much my blogging/crafting life, and life in general is going to change. I'm OK with that, but I'm sure it'll take awhile to get used to. In the meantime, stay well. I will try to keep in touch!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Three's a charm

Jo Jo will not be posting for a couple of days. She went into labor yesterday morning, so instead of next Thursday, Michael was born by c-section a little after 11am Saturday. He weighed 6lbs, 13oz and was 19in long. His eyes are greyish brown, he has a little dimple on his chin, and he has brown wavy hair. He is our third boy.

Here is a picture of him at just 2 seconds old:

The boys were so gentle with their brother. Yesterday evening the boys wanted to throw a birthday party for their brother, so we got some cupcakes -- but no candles ("because he is 0 years old" as Davey pointed out).

So far Jo Jo seems to be recovering well and is enjoying spending time with her new little guy.

Jo Jo says she'll be back in a few days.


Thursday, June 08, 2006

Fabric Take 4

Yeah, yeah, yeah. You've seen this fabric combination before here , here, and here. Kind of weird, this blogging thing. I was thinking the other day that I really shouldn't keep using this fabric even though I love, love, love it because I don't want people to think my blog is boring, or worse yet, that I'm boring. But frankly, it's my blog, and if I'm boring, what of it? It's just a strange feeling thinking that I'm possibly crafting for the entertainment of others...people that stop by but that I don't even really truly know. Why should I be out to impress anybody? This is me, lumps and all. In my defense, the other times I used the fabric, I gave the stuff away, so these pillows are MINE. Here to stay.

Off and on while I was making these, for some reason I kept thinking about poor Megan and how she was dealing with the absence of Gretchin (her sewing machine that was at the shop being repaired). And though I know these humble cushions aren't all that exciting or special, I sure am glad I have a sewing machine to make whatever unexciting or unspecial thing that strikes my fancy.

p.s. Oops! Forgot to post about the van--thanks for reminding me, Rebecca! It's fixed. It spent the whole day in the shop yesterday and got a new computer. We are now $700 poorer, but at least we have peace of mind...and won't have to take a taxi to the hospital. Heh heh.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I've Been Duped (in a good way)

A few weeks ago I offered up some gift tags to the first 3 commenters. The 4th commenter, Anjo of The Crafty Modster, a fellow Seattle blogger mama, didn't make the cut (or so she thought). Whatever. I was more than happy to make her some tags, and she said she'd swap tags with me, and by the way, did I know what I was having? So I sent her 5 measly tags, and look at what she sent!!!!

Way too much stuff to fit in one photo. First up, this absolutely beautiful baby bolero. Soft as can be and oh-so-cute!!! (sorry about all the the exclamation marks--I can't help myself!!) A beautiful cut of Japanese linen for me to play around with. Fun!

A onesie that she designed herself. Isn't that cute? Oh, yeah, and there are the tags from the so-called-swap. Hmmmm. I see way more than 5!!!!
And here are the show stoppers: Hugs and kisses socks. At first glance they look like regular cables, but NOT SO!!! Look closely--those are tiny little x's and o's. Have you ever....?
Um, hello??? What kind of lopsided swap was that? She lied to me, but all is forgiven (of course). She's amazing. If you want any of the specs, pattern info, details on all she made for me (um, I mean, the baby), look here. After seeing this adorable bolero, I'm convinced I need to get that One Skein book everyone's been raving about.

Anjo, you've totally outdone yourself. I can't believe you got all this done in, what, 2 weeks? You're amazing! Oh, did I already say that? Thank you so much! I should knit a pair of xoxo socks for you (not that I'm capable), or maybe a xoxo body suit, because you should be covered in xoxo's for your generosity! :)

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Twin Totes

Get this, the check engine light came on in our van. Since our only other vehicle is a truck, which only holds 2 people, this is a bit of a problem. This is making me really nervous. Nervous to take it in to get checked--what if I go into labor and the van is in the shop? Nervous to not get it checked--what if it breaks down when I'm on the way to the hospital? AAAAAHHHHH! Sometimes I hate being a grown up. I miss the days when I could let my mom and dad do all my worrying for me. I'll let you know what we end up doing.

twin totes

Anyway, Davey's last day of preschool is officially Friday--a picnic at a classmate's house who lives out in the sticks. But with our van the way it is, I think we're probably going to miss it. This means I have to get these tote bags to his teachers earlier than anticipated--tomorrow. Lucky for me, Mr. Keith took a nice long nap today and I got them done. Davey helped me pick the fabric last week, and yesterday we went to the store and bought some goodies to put inside--Matchbox cars, circus peanuts and Hershey's kisses. Num!

By the way, the flower on the left is from Blair's tutorial. I had a really hard time making it, I think, partially because of my swollen fingers and partially because of my dull scissors. Anyway, the one on the right was made similarly, but with pinking shears. Instead of cutting all the curves I just did simple circles. Hooray for shortcuts!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Monkey Play Mat

Finally a little something for my little guy. I've decided not to call it a quilt. The word quilt makes it sounds like it's going on a bed, but this thing doesn't match the room at all (it's pale green). So I've decided to call it a play mat. It'll go on the floor when he's having tummy time and learning to roll around. It's already been broken in by Davey and Keith who have been running circles around it in the family room. In fact, when I first showed it to Keith he said, "it's hopscotch" and starting jumping up and down on it while holding his sippy cup, which resulted in a few drops of chocolate milk getting on it. Oh well.
monkey front

monkey back
Love that monkey fabric. It's by Moda and was discontinued at the time I bought it. I had to search far and wide all over the internet. Ebay sellers were selling it at ridiculously high prices. I felt so lucky that I was able to find some at a reasonable price from an online store. Well, I just got my new catalog from Hancock's of Paducah and Moda has brought it back with a few more that I haven't seen before: look at this cute little band-aid fabric and this fabric that looks like the texture of socks.

Dave asked me today if I'm finally going to make a quilt for myself. Oy! Not for another couple of years, I think. After this whirlwind two months-or-so of quilting, I can honestly say that I'm done. It's been fun, but I am done. Uncle!!!!

I have a couple more small projects lined up--end of the year tote-bags for Davey's preschool teachers and a couple of cushions for our living room. But I'm definitely slowing down. I'd like to spend my last few free evenings sitting and reading or maybe trying my hand at knitting some socks.

p.s. Funny thing happened the other day. I offered up gift tags a couple of posts ago and it turns out one person I'll be sending tags to, Gina, lives a mere 10 min. away from me. Isn't that funny? In this whole big blogging world, I'm going to be making tags for someone who is practically my neighbor!!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

June 4, 1993

13 beautiful years with the love of my life. Marrying him was the best thing I ever did. Happy anniversary sweetie!

13 years

Friday, June 02, 2006

Come and Get 'Em!

I drew up some little spools for the new tags. 5 personalized tags to the first 3 commenters. Hurry, hurry! :)

Handmade tags