Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Jam was Spiked

Here it is over a week later, and I'm finally posting about what happened AFTER the jam-making. I got to ride on my friends' home-made, hand-fashioned, very cool, and rather scary zipline. What a hoot!

Jam and zip line 002

Jam and zip line 003

Jam and zip line 009

Jam and zip line 011

Jam and zip line 013
***All photos courtesy of the awesome ANN!!!!***

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Under Cover

Part three of my sewing room tour includes a look at the drawers and not so attractive areas where I keep things I need but are not so lovely to look at. These shelves contain felt, quilted osnaberg, bonded fleece, canvas drop cloth, and interfacing.


On the other side, more of the same: fleece, curtain blackout lining, insulbrite, an unfinished quilt...

more shtuff

Next to that I have a basket of gift wrapping supplies--ribbons, paper bags, and tissue paper.

present wrapping

In the baskets above I keep little scraps from old projects that I can't bear to toss.

wall view
Here's the whole thing. Someday I may even clean out the middle drawers and show you those. That's right...I'm offering to show you my drawers. bwa ha ha!!

Monday, September 21, 2009


I had a fun afternoon of bring-your-own-fruit for jam-making with some good friends. Plums, peaches, blackerries, and kiwi were on the menu. We had a nice little assembly line going. Z. became an expert at dipping her finger into boiling water and making sure the rim of the jar was clean. A. was all proficiency at tong handling. I was the official ladler. Sigh. Such domesticity. I can't wait to do it again. My wheels are rolling--soups, salsa, lemon curd....mmmmmm.




kiwi jam


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bells by the Door

It's amazing how much of my life lately has been overtaken by this furball. I feel that I spend much of my day hanging around outside waiting for her to do her business. When we're inside, I follow her around the house making sure she's not planning to do her business. The only time I can get any work done around the house is when she's napping. We're making progress on the housetraining front--she's been accident free for a couple of days. Yippeee! We've purchased two crates--one for upstairs, and one for downstairs, and she seems to be adjusting well to them. I have an appointment tomorrow with the invisible fence people, so hopefully life will be a little more relaxing soon.


The vet suggested we get a bell to hang by the door. Everytime we take her out, we need to ring the bell, and eventually she'll get to the point where she can ring the bell to let us know she needs to go out. I'm looking forward to her being able to communicate w/ us that way.

When we were at Petco we looked all over for bells. The only ones they had were in the bird section, and those were little ones that wouldn't make enough noise for my ears to hear. I mentioned to the Petco guy that my vet suggested it, and he said that lots of people come in for dog bells and they all get directed to the bird section. ***ding ding ding--hello? marketing opportunity??*** So I fashioned my own with wire and bells from the craft store.


She's a smart dog, so I think she'll catch on soon (if I can get one kid in particular to quit ringing it whenever he feels like it.)

I promise to not turn this into a dog blog...but this puppy keeps amazing us with her antics. We took her to the lake the other day and she surprised us by swimming.

she swims

she swims

Monday, September 14, 2009

More Craft Room Organizing

I don't own many sewing patterns...around twenty, maybe. I keep them in a portable hanging file folder container. This method works well for me.

pattern storage 1

The patterns get tucked into the hanging files. All my Craft Apple Patterns go in one file, my dress patterns go in another, pants in another....blah blah blah.

pattern storage 2

The patterns that have already been opened and used are typically too big of a headache for me to try to fit back into their original packaging. Those I place in a manila envelope, and I tape the original to the front so I know what's inside.

pattern storage 3

Pants-along folks: there is now a pants-along flickr group if you'd like to share your creations. I know some of you are still sewing away. Take your time!!! Hope you're having fun! :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Labor Day Baby

On Labor day we drove, drove, drove and drove some more. All the way to Yakima.

yakima 2

yakima 3

yakima 4

And we drove home with this li'l cutie:

no name
"Hello. My name is Pepper."

Was it worth it? You tell me...




Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Organizing My Space

I was contacted recently by a design student to see if I'd be willing to share pictures of how I organize my sewing space and how I make it work for me. Of course, at the time I was contacted, my space was a disaster, but I said yes because I thought that would motivate me to get my act together. And it has. . . Another motivation was that Chara Michele came over a couple of weeks ago to work on some pants and I was so embarrassed to show her my sewing room. It tends to be the receptacle for stray magazines, and all the flotsam that accumulates on the kitchen countertop, tossed in there when expecting company. Sigh.

Anyway, I got it organized, and now it's the way that I like it.



rotary cutters



More pictures to follow in another post. I've been entirely too busy/frazzled/loved-up lately by a furry somebody. I'll write a post about her too, soon-ish.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Oma's Garden

We went on a 12-day visit to beautiful Pennsylvania, and thanks to the wonders of scheduled blog posts, you all didn't even know I was gone. :) We returned the day before school started (man, was that hard!!), and though I haven't fully adjusted to getting up so early in the morning and all the late night lunch packing, I believe I've finally eradicated the weird smells that took over the house in our absence (a word of advice--don't leave bananas on your kitchen countertop).

I took some pictures of my MIL's gorgeous garden when I was there so that I could snag some of her ideas. I love how pretty yet unpretentious it all is. Some people have the gift, you know. Maybe next spring I can incorporate some of these features into my garden. . . .



rock edging