Thursday, March 27, 2008

For My Mom

A super soft heating pad cover with a cotton twill closure (so that the electrical cord can sneak out the top).

Monday, March 03, 2008

Spring Blooms

After long admiring so many beautiful large-scale crochet projects, I decided to take the plunge myself. I bought one of each color of Lion Brand Cotton-Ease with the intention of making more granny squares, but then I started playing around with different patterns I had in front of me, and now I'm taking a hiatus from the squares and making these flowers instead.

The pattern is here. It's calls for making 12 flowers and then sewing them together to make a scarf. I think I'm going to just make as many flowers as I feel like (until I get bored) and then sew them together to make a small afghan (emphasis on small). I just want a little something to throw over the back of the chair in my craft room so that it looks like someone cares. Which I do. I really do.
Speaking of the craft room--it's coming together quite nicely. Hopefully soon I'll have some pictures to share. And hopefully soon some actual crafting will occur there.