Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Long Overdue Family Room Update

According to this blog, back in August of 2013, I was replacing the fluting around the fireplace.  So that got done, and then I went ahead and planked the wall and painted it white.  (Looks like I didn't do a great job of cleaning for the picture.  Sorry, not sorry. Funny how as I age I care less and less about perfection.)

 The planks gave us one "fancy" wall, and made all the other walls look sad, so I decided to dress those up as well.

The family room is connected to the kitchen, so I couldn't just stop at the end of the family room--I had to take the fanciness around the corner.

All was great for a year or two until we decided to put on a back deck.  This involved tearing out a window and installing a slider. So there went the trim.  Ack!

Fixing that is going to be my little project this summer.  The work never ends!!!!

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