Monday, May 29, 2017

Getting Better

When we last left off, I was telling you about my kid's health issues.  So this is something I'm not a fan of discussing in detail.  Yes, they had a diagnosis, but I'm not comfortable saying what it was on the internet b/c their personal health issues are for them to tell someday when they feel it's appropriate. 

Let's just say we felt like we were living under a curse.  Every day was a struggle and we were all total stress balls all the time.  I would wake up and my first thought would be, "Oh yeah, they still have *&^%$#@." I'd spend much of my free time researching with other moms on Facebook groups.  Then at night I'd fall asleep thinking about it.  I'd dream about it.  My whole life revolved around their autoimmune stuff.

Then one day a mom on Facebook posted about having success with homeopathy.  Her child was making gradual changes toward better health.  She gave me her phone number and we chatted.  It was unbelievable how much hope she had in her voice when she described how badly off her child had been and how much better she was doing only a few months out.

My husband and I had heard about homeopathy.  We'd once watched a very one-sided CBC show on how stupid homeopathy was.  They'd given whole bottles of homeopathic medicine to healthy people on the street, and no one got sick, therefore their conclusion was that homeopathy didn't work.

At this point, we were willing to try anything. After all, we'd already tried regular medicine ad nauseum and saw that not only did it not work for our kids' condition, but it also had very ill-effects for them.  So why not try something that may or may not work, but that no one would get worse from?  We decided to give it a chance.

The cool thing about the homeopath we found was that she wanted to treat the whole family. She felt that the family dynamic had been affected by the cloud we'd been under and she wanted to make sure we would all be healing together.  Later I'd learn that homeopathy works not just on the physical level, but on emotions as well.  I had a lot of anger, resentment, and fear surrounding this life that had been handed to us, and as treatment started, a lot of that became easier to deal with and much of it melted away.  I saw some beautiful shifts in my kids and for the first time in years, I started to feel hopeful.

Now, let's talk about ME for a minute.  In my third pregnancy I developed varicose veins in my left leg that made walking painful. This continued on for years after my youngest was born. The kids would call for me to come upstairs, and I would be sitting on the couch yelling back that my bum leg didn't want me to walk upstairs.  At the end of the day, I would be found on the couch with my leg propped up on a cushion.  It felt like it was made of wood.  I'd had sclerotherapy done, and although that helped with the surface veins, my problem was with the deeper ones.  I thought living with a bum leg was going to be my future.  However, within a couple weeks of starting homeopathic treatment, my leg was feeling better.  I was walking up and down the stairs and able to go for walks just for fun! What was this magic? 

Another thing that changed for me was my attitude.  I used to get so angry every time I had to clean the house.  I don't know what caused that--I don't know anyone else who is like that--but it was like all the resentment in my life would pool up inside as I was scraping raisins off the floor with a razor-blade, or mopping, or wiping up other people's messes.  Homeopathy settled all that down.  I still don't love housework, but now I'm able to do it without feeling like that.  Thank goodness.

Over time (a period of 3 years) the kids kept getting better and better.  Food that used to be triggers for them became non-issues.  Things that we used to have to run to the doctor for (pink eye, UTIs, etc.) were being successfully
treated at home.  For the first time in years we were enjoying life again.

A little over a year ago, I decided that I wanted to become a homeopath.  There are too few who understand and deal with the condition that my kids had--and I say HAD, because *&^%$#@ is in our rear-view mirror.  It doesn't live here anymore.  Sometimes it comes and rears it's ugly head, but we pound it down with homeopathy.

So that's what's going on now.  I'm studying, I'm learning, and I'm seeking ways to maintain our family's health.  We've been given a second chance and I really feel that God gave us this experience so that we can help others.

What does this mean for this blog????  Stay tuned....

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