Sunday, April 21, 2013

The powder room debacle

I'm in over my head.  I'm in the process of changing out all the baseboards, door & window trim in my house.  I'm doing it all myself--EEK!!!

The kitchen makeover is what started it all.  We got new countertops, and decided to go ahead and get a slab for the nearby bathroom as well.  Then I painted the cabinet in the bathroom to match the granite, which made the rest of the bathroom look outdated.


When the new light fixture went in, it left a big hole because it didn't match up with the old light fixture. 


Instead of fixing the drywall, I got the bright idea that I should panel the whole back wall (which also led to framing out the mirror). 


During the paneling process I made it down to the baseboards, but they looked so silly by the new paneling that I decided to change them out.  We've talked about changing out our baseboards & trim for a long time, but it's one of those things that keeps getting pushed off because there are always other more important things to fix.  Anyway, I installed nice chunky baseboard in the bathroom, but when I got to the door, it stuck out too far, b/c the door trim isn't chunky.  So I ripped that off and installed chunky trim around that door.  And of course, you can just trim out one side of a door and not trim out the other side, which now brings me out into the hallway where there are a lot of doors.  You can't have one door looking one style and all the other ones looking a different style.  So those had to get redone. 


This is the before picture, btw. The bathroom is the last door on the left with all the trim ripped off.


Note the lower cabinets of my kitchen on the right. That's primer. It's still not painted. I've decided I'm going to paint all the kitchen cabinets myself because I don't already have enough stuff going on. HA!

If it sounds like I "just did" this and "just did" that, that'd be wrong. There was some hyperventilating and heart palpitating involved.  Where does it end?  Well, it doesn't end until the whole house gets done.  It's a good thing we are planning to live here a good long time, because it's going to take me a good long time to get this done.


C o w R o a d said...

Wow Joanna, I am so impressed! Our house has very ugly trim everywhere, but the doors are bad also so if we would change the trim we would have to change them as well and that is simply just not going to happen! Very nice to see all the changes at your house though! :-)

Anonymous said...

I like the wood paneled wall! I can't believe you're getting this done. Keep working - it WILL get done!

Jean C. said...

Good for you... it's looking great! We too love the Braverman's house. So inviting. O.K., so we too are slowly replacing baseboard... 'cept our's is the taller stuff... around 5 1/2". Our basement flooded a couple weeks back so why not re-do the baseboard in the sewing room right? Yeah,new paint, baseboard and oh, yeah let's put some new trim around the door...
got it all done ready to paint; DH says you know, I think we used the wrong trim for the door. It doesn't match the other doors! It's only on the inside so guess what! I'm not redoing it! You would really be hard pressed to notice. Sa la vee!

Jean C. said...

Forgot something; would love to see how the frame around the bathroom mirror turned out! Thinking along those same lines. Already replaced the light here!