Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Bye bye summer

My kids are off on their first day of school, and here I am feeling all sad going through our summer pictures. I miss 'em. sniff sniff. Some of us grownups (okay, me) just aren't cut out for sending our kids off to school all day.
Dumping some pictures from our trip a couple weeks to San Diego. Little guy cried all the way home because he wasn't ready for vacation to end. I wasn't either.
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The view from our hotel room.

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Oh San Diego, you sunshiney place, you. You were fantastic!!!


basia d said...

I know what You mean. My older son just starteg going to preschool, and I'm back at work, so my younger is with my mother. It is hard to leave them for so long.
Great pics. Best wishes from Poland.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joanna,

I've never posted before (I don't think?), but you should know that you were the very first blog I randomly happened upon and ever read and bookmarked, oh so long ago now! And, being nostalgic, I still check in occasionally. LOL!
I hear you about leaving our 'babies' at school. We live in Oregon and we homeschool. It is such a blessing for our family! Have you ever considered that as an option? It's not what it was when we were growing up --- there's a lot of community and support, at least in our area.
I'm grateful for the freedom in this country to choose what is best for your family, whether it be public, private, or other as far as education.
Have a wonderful fall!
elfinspired at comcast dot net