Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Deliberate Self Care: Going Organic

You'd think I'd have jumped on the organic bandwagon a long time ago. I did. Sort of. I bought mostly (70%) organic fruits and veggies. I joined a CSA for two years in a row. I didn't used to do the bananas, because I figured you could pull off the peel and there you go--organic inside. However, after getting the Berkey water filter, I'm sort of seeing things in a new light: i.e. if I'm removing trace amounts of heavy metals and other contaminants from my family's drinking water, why would I accept trace amounts of pesticides on my family's food? It doesn't make sense. I'd do my duty and wash the non-organic fruits and veggies in that special soap "proven to remove pesticides," but I wasn't ever sure the soap was completely removed after washing either.

My grocery shopping has been drastically different these days. I only go to stores that have a decent selection of organic produce--apologies to the nearby Target that recently opened a grocery section! I was there today and needed to buy grapes, but I couldn't!

We are now completely organic, and yes, it hurts the pocketbook, but at least I have a clear conscience when I watch my kids reach for the celery.


tinsenpup said...

Organic is a priority for us, but it can be really difficult. Availability of organic foods is limited where we live and sometimes cost is prohibitive. It's always hard to know where to compromise. We're trying to grow as much as we can in our backyard.

Sarah said...

I am having the trouble of choosing something local or something organic from interstate/overseas...

Yes my selection of organic produce here is not so good. LOTS of interestate and especially overseas stuff but who says their standards are the same as ours?


Berkey Water Filter said...

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