Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The Closet: Cover up


When I first posted the picture of all the electrical stuff in the closet wall, my sister called me to ask me what it all was. Living with a computer dude, I guess I'm just used to always having a place that looks like that: it's all the wireless network ethernet router cable paraphernalia. Duh. It used to be on the floor and in danger of being stepped on or tripped over. When it went into the wall, it was a huge improvement.



Now not only is it in the wall, but I framed it out and it is covered with a door that looks like your grandpa made it out of scrap pieces of wood and slathered paint on it that he happened to have on hand. I even painted the hinges to make it look more authentic. Nice touch, right? I thought so. I used leftover flooring to make this little door. Don't laugh at me. I'm actually quite proud of myself. :)