Thursday, March 10, 2011

The big eyesore

green armoire

We've had this huge armoire in our living room for the past 6.5 years. We got it because our second son was going to start crawling, and up until that point we had our big fat TV on a wobbly table and all the cords were going to be accessible. So we quick found something cheap on craigslist. Beware when you buy something big that you don't love, because if you're like us, 6.5 years later, it's probably going to still be in your house and you'll be looking at it every day & kicking yourself for not splurging on something nicer.

green monster armoire

When it first came it was knotty pine, which matched nothing in our house. I painted it with leftover paint to match our kitchen cabinets. I didn't bother putting knobs on it b/c I liked that it was hard for the kids to open. Childproof.

Now we have a flat screen TV that doesn't even fit in this armoire. We were talking the other day about building shelves around the fireplace and getting rid of the armoire once and for all. I figured, since it's probably on its way out anyway, there's no harm in using a little leftover chalkboard paint to see what it looks like painted black. I don't intend to the let the kiddos write all over it, though.

now black armoire

I've sanded away some of the black paint to reveal the undercoat and plan on getting some paste wax to try the Martha Stewart antiquing method on it. We shall see!!!