Tuesday, October 05, 2010


My dog fell asleep with her harness on last week. I put her in her crate, and when she woke up, instead of letting me know she was awake, she entertained herself by gnawing through her harness. Argh. Dog stuff is not cheap, and when you have to buy two of everything, it's hard not to feel a little bit ripped off sometimes. Anyway, in the lifespan of a dog, I have no idea how many harnesses we're expected to go through, but I think it makes sense to try to figure out how to make these things, since I'm not totally useless when it comes to a needle and thread.

My first (and only) try so far:


harness on

harness on 2

It helps to have little doggies that I can control on a leash with literally ONE finger. I don't recommend braiding fabric and expecting that to contain a dog much bigger than this.

verdict: Not sure if this is really my style, but it fits her and she hasn't complained yet, AND it was dirt cheap--so YAY!!!!