Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Oh no!

Did you know that when you decide on getting two dogs, you're not supposed to adopt littermates? Neither did we. Who knew? There are lots of people out there with two dogs, right? We thought it would be good to get two--they could snuggle each other, keep each other company, play with each other, they'd never be lonely.... And that has turned out to be true. However, apparently with littermates, the downside is that they have the inclination/potential to bond so closely to each other that they ignore their humans or become so dependent on one another that each dog becomes a half-dog, incapable of functioning confidently on their own. Wish we had done our research before making the decision to get two. Sigh.

Well, life has become considerably more busy. We are keeping them crated separately so they can sleep on their own. We're feeding them at different times, walking them separately, and will be taking them to training and to puppy playtime separately so that they can develop their own identities. They seem to be coming around. The joy outweighs the work (so far). I've been taking supplements too, so I have more energy and a better attitude to deal with this all, and coffee helps too. As does having friends over. And the pups sleep a lot. Life isn't perfect, but it's still good.