Monday, July 26, 2010

Ragnar by Car

My husband spent Friday and Saturday running the Ragnar. I was a runner in a former life, but running longer distances up steep inclines w/no sleep and sometimes in the dark has never been my thing. He's my hero. It didn't work out for the kids and me to go and watch, although we cheered him on from home. He got back Saturday night and then on Sunday we decided to go and drive his running route. The Ragnar by car is more my speed.

Beautiful Fairhaven (Bellingham) where we stopped for lunch and were charmed by fruit faces.




This one I'll probably get dragged back to later:


The gorgeous La Conner. I've been here before, but never on a sunny day. I was sad to have to drive right through....

One of the handoffs. He ran here at 2 am, so it looked different in the daylight.


The lovely Anacortes.

Enchanting Deception Pass:

A farm that goes right up to the coastline. I'd like to live there.

And then three hours of looking at the hiney of a boat while we waited for the Whidbey Island ferry. Oh my word. I was not feeling "smiley" after this.