Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Things I Like

Linen shirts

Lego Inventions

garden border

Hubby thinks tomorrow I should write a post on things I don't like. I think I will...not.


Shoebotmom said...

I'm with you! Enjoy the things you like.....and try and keep those other, not so likable things, out of thought. No one likes to think about.....

Well, let's not go there! :)

Anonymous said...

I like those things, too! My list of things I don't like would be too personal for my blog. Like my scarred tummy and my messy kitchen. Who wants to see that? :)

Joanna said...

I'd like to see that. I'll post my belly scar and my leg veins if you post yours.

Pé de Pera said...

Hii, Joanna! I'm from Brazil and i like a lot your blog :)

I looked you are mom to 3 boys and me too! I like sooo much care them...boys.

I wish all good for you and yours!
And Lord bless you!

Big kiss...

Flavia Leal.
Rio de Janeiro-Brazil

Amber said...

He did a great job building his little piece of transportation for those two lego men! Love it! And I sure hope you, or somebody with you, hopped along those logs sticking up out of the ground. Fun times!