Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sprucing Up


My poor Juki is a little sick. The timing is off, and after hours of tinkering I couldn't figure out how to fix it, and then the needle hit and dented the bobbin case, so even if I could fix it, I'd have to get a new part. Because the machine is so heavy, I can't bring it in for a repair, so now I'm waiting for a housecall from the service guy. Wow. Someone outside the family is going to set foot in my sewing room! That realization set off a bit of a cleaning frenzy! HA!!!

But really, cleaning up is not that bad. Look what I uncovered under the sewing table that I'd forgotten about. I'm not even sure where we got this, but it's going to be an awesome photo prop.

And then there's this other treasure that I rediscovered. This old peacock feather sheet came with the house. It was used as a curtain but is still in great condition.

And then I had some time to ponder my next project,

and fondle luscious leather samples.

And then, something came over me and I decided to make Five-Way Cincinnati chili for my husband (b/c, well, my kids won't touch that stuff). It was scrummy. Life is good. Mostly.

6/11: The sewing machine guy just left. I'm a couple hundred dollars poorer, but the machine is purring along beautifully now. The repairman had lots to say about the position of my knee lift and foot pedal. Then before he left he went use the bathroom. When he came out he told me my toilet paper holder is positioned too low on the wall. LOL!!!!


Kitty said...

Yay! I'm finally the first comment! =D I love your blog. Keep us posted!

Little Ol' Liz said...

I guess the well purring machine is the evidence of a perfectionist repairman.

Who knew they made housecalls????

Anonymous said...

A sewing machine repair guy that does home staging on the side. Phunni.

You know, the money is well-spent. You don't want a machine that isn't working well. It's just super frustrating. The nice quiet whir is super important. Worth every penny!

angelina said...

this is all lovely!

Emily said...

Joanna! This is the most recent post I could find to comment on. Your pictures from your alma mater totally surprised me - I also went to Calvin! I've been reading your blog for a while now but had no idea of this crazy connection! Anyway, that's all - fun to seem some pictures of campus in an unexpected place!

Jean said...

Sounds like the "repair guy" is either wayyy tall or wayyy shorter than you and your family members! LoL... too funny. Tell him you'll remember that if he ever has to come again!