Thursday, May 13, 2010

Little Cabin in the Woods Part 3

There's this bridge.

It's fantastic.

The kids call it the wibbly-wobbly bridge, and with good reason.

I'm scared of it.

Especially when this happens.

But everyone managed to cross (multiple times) and they lived to tell about it.


Anonymous said...

I want that bridge in my backyard! My boys would love it. You're making me want to move to the woods.

mamamouseiam said...

What a magical place! And wonderful photos!

Olivia Jean said...

So Beautiful!

but ooh..I would have to close my eyes when the kiddos crossed!

Jenny said...

That is a wild bridge, but I love it.

The mad woman behind the blog said...

What fun. Oh the memories (my own and the ones your family are making!)

Mary Anne Drury said...

Before I read your previous post that this is in Pa ... I thought it LOOKS like Pa (I live in the Poconos and have ALWAYS loved being in the woods .... lush , green woods with a "crick" (creek)".... THE BEST !!! and that bridge!!!! HOW FUN!!!

Bailee said...

I just found your blog yesturday, and I love it!! Your tutorials are amazing, I've been looking for an apron tutorial. And I love the baby shoes. What amazing pictures, I love your pictures! What a neat place to explore with your kids in the woods!

Jamie (va_grown) said...

Great pics!