Monday, May 17, 2010

For My Friends

It's funny how sometimes I sit down to blog and I feel chatty. Lately, I just haven't felt that way. So while I'm feeling quiet, I'll just post pictures. These are gifts I made for friends--they're also prototypes for pouches I hope to put in the shop someday.




Anna said...

really cool! I love the brown leather.

Deb said...

Yes I completely understand, but it's ok, pretty pictures work well too. (I have to confess I keep a few pics in my file for just such an occasion and don't tell they are file pics when I post them)
deb xx

Delia said...

Very cool. I really like your style. Do you mind if I ask where you buy your leather?

Angie said...

I just love the pouches! Reminds me of something my grandpa might have had. And I really like your shop name and how it is stamped inside. It's just nice to see your blog posts, chatty or's always lovely to hear from you. :)

Joanna said...

Thanks so much for your kindness, ladies.

Angie--saying it looks like something your grandpa might have had is the biggest compliment ever. Thank you!!!

Angie said...

You are most welcome! :)