Monday, April 05, 2010

Happy Circles: Half Circle Bunting

Ah, perks up a room like nothin' else.


bunting on shelf

bunting on curtain

I don't think a tutorial is needed for this. I started off with 6" squares of pretty fabric and backed them with cotton sateen. The circular embroidery attachment pretty much did this on it's own.

Make your own, or get this one here.

happy circles buttonMore happy circles here and here.


Jenny said...

very pretty

Pamela said...

so pretty. and i love your books.

Anonymous said...

Cute! I love that you have a book about yurts!

Anonymous said...

That would look fabulous in a craft show booth - so happy and pretty!

Fred Meyer said...

Do you make these wholesale? We are considering products for addition to our new Teen/Tween block in our stores. This would fit in perfectly.

Call me.

Delia said...

Um...I adore this! I linked to you on my blog. Thank you!

Lia said...

o wow....I didn't know it could do this...maybe I should get it for my bernina hahahahahaha thanks for sharing!