Friday, April 02, 2010

Happy Circles: The Circular Embroidery Attachment

I'm really excited about happy circles month...if for no other reason than that I like a good challenge. And the fact that I get to work creatively alongside my sis. And that something about it reminds me of my earlier days of blogging when Lera and Laeroport hosted the Fat Quarter Challenge, and I remember staying up until midnight a couple nights in a row to make a bunch of projects to use up my fat quarter. Funny how that was a big deal then. Nowadays my sleep habits have adjusted and staying up until midnight is now a regular occurence. Hmm.

But anyway, I look forward to playing around with circles, just for the sake of playing.
I have this habit of calling my sis on the phone everytime she flashes her Bernina logo on her blog. "SHOW OFF!!!!" Now lookie at me. I'm doing it too!

By now you've probably seen my sister's video on the circular embroidery attachment. She was visiting me when she bought it (at Quiltworks Northwest, btw--where I introduced her to the saleslady as the famous Craftapple while holding up one of her patterns that was on hanging from the shelf. From there on out, the saleslady called her "O Famous One" and I was referred to as "Sister of the Famous One," as in "Sister of the Famous One, did you happen to remember to bring in your punch card today?").

Anyhoo, Linda (*cough, showoff, cough*) has a Bernina, and I don't. My machine is a Brother, and I figured that I'd be able to get an attachment for my machine at a cheaper price. Right? Wrong. Turns out Brother sells theirs in a bundle with lots of other gizmos that I don't really need, so I tried her Bernina one on my machine.

This is what it looks like straight out of the box.

Remove the rubber cover, and there's a pokey thing that goes in the middle of the fabric circle for the fabric to spin around.

Here's the part that screws into the machine. This screw is too big for my machine.

After hunting around a little bit, I found a screw that fits. (Stole it off another attachment that came with my machine.)

That wasn't so hard. A new screw and I'm good to go. I wonder if one could jimmy rig an attachment using popsicle sticks and a push pin? If you do, let me know. But don't sue me if it falls apart or pokes you.

Happy Circles month to you!
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Anonymous said...

LOL! Popsicle sticks and a pushpin! I love the alliteration.

Robin said...

Oh my! I didn't know such a toy - um - tool existed! I'm drooling!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I have no excuse. I can't help it. The red letters just look fabulous in pictures!

I'll bet it would be easy enough to make something, especially if it wasn't adjustable. I volunteer you to make it and write a tutorial. Ha!

Fred Meyer said...

I sell popsicle sticks in my store.

Laurie_G said...

Close on the popsicle stick, kids: How about a thumbtack and pencil eraser? Go here, scroll down a bit:

or just google 'circular attachment alternative'