Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Artisan Bread Keeper--A Pattern for YOU!

I can't help myself. I'm in love with Artisan Bread in Five Minutes A Day. I've been in love it with it since my hubby bought himself the book for his birthday last year. We make it two to three times a week, and whenever there's a potluck or a brunch, or we get invited out, I always offer to bring bread. Why? Because it's so easy and delicious and people are always impressed by homemade bread.

My dilemma has always been in the presentation of it. I've wrapped it in aluminum foil (not impressive), a plastic bag (also not impressive), and once I even brought the container of dough to bake at my friend's house. That one was probably the most impressive because we actually got to smell the bread as it was baking and enjoy the loaf fresh out of the oven. But bringing raw dough isn't always an option.

Enter the Artisan Bread Keeper.

This is insulated to keep freshly-baked bread warm. There's a little chimney at the top to let steam and moisture out.

The drawstring doubles as handle which makes for easy toting, while the insulation provides the bread with padding.
hang it on your arm

When you get to your destination, nonchalantly set it on the countertop. People will wonder what what on earth is in the humble package.

Gasp! Homemade bread? You made it yourself?
a lovely loaf

Yeah, baby. You made it yourself. You also made that awesome cozy it came in. When the bread is cut up, serve it directly in the bread keeper (which doubles as a bread basket). If the hostess looks jealous, you can give it to her and make yourself another.
bread basket

Any leftover bread can stay in the keeper--just pull the drawstring tight.

One more thing, when you need to clean it, simply shake out the crumbs and throw it in the wash.

The pattern for this is available as a PDF in my etsy shop. Enjoy! :)


Aunt LoLo said...

Oh my goodness, you're a GENIUS!!

Organizing Mommy said...

Ha! We just made artisian bread today. There's never any leftovers to put in a bag, though.

Great pattern idea/concept.

Ginny said...

This is awesome! I, too, am an Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day (and it's sequel, Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day) junkie. I love it that people rave about my bread, especially since it takes virtually no time to make!

kathytypestoo said...

i too love artisan bread in five-and now have something else to add to my ever-growing list of projects! thanks for the inspiration :)

Anonymous said...

I love that bread recipe... It's foolproof! Love your keeper... Food for thought...LOL!

pun intended

Shoebotmom said...

BRILLIANT!!! I love this. A long time ago, you posted about the artisan bread book. I was intrigued. I tried to check it out from our library--and found that there were 75 other people in line before me. My husband surprised me for Christmas and got me the book and a dough storage bowl and a pizza peel and a baking stone. BEST GIFT EVER!!!

I love your storage bag! I love that it's cute. I love that it's practical. I love that you can just toss it into the washer.

Oh...and I LOVE your blog!

Jean C. said...

Your making me hungry! And it's only around 10:00 a.m.! The bag is great... way to go!

Ruhammie said...

This is really great idea!! I've been getting into baking bread again, this is a great way to travel with it. I need to check out that book too!

britt said...

What a wonderful idea! Every time I bake bread, I give a loaf of it to my best friend. Unfortunately, I must also wrap it in cling wrap or foil, which is just not very pretty. Your pattern is definitely on my want list now!

ILikePaperCutting said...


Leila said...

Your bread bag is beautiful! I just made a bread bag out of an old seed bag and thought I was pretty crafty, but this one has features!

I wish you still had the pattern in your shop...

God bless!

Caramelink said...
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Carine said...

It's gorgeous!

Jamie (va_grown) said...

What an awesome project! Thanks for sharing!