Thursday, January 14, 2010

Life is Beautiful

A friend has let me borrow her fancy schmancy camera for a couple of days. I'm testing a theory to see if real life is more beautiful when seen through a big long lens (as some blogs might lead one to believe).

dishes waiting
Dishes awaiting. This is a picture I ordinarily wouldn't bother to take, since it's so rainy and dark here, and my point and shoot couldn't make this look pretty to save its life. BTW, that's not dirt....just coffee grounds, silllllleeeeeee!

laundry waiting
Laundry to be done. Another good one. My laundry room has no windows and I never take pictures in here for that reason. This camera does a nice job, I must say. And I haven't even cracked open the manual.

stairs almost done
Stairs. Lookie here. Slap some bullnose on these suckers, add a little trim paint and they'll be done. He said 3 weeks (which I thought was a little long). We're at the end of week 6, people. Sigh.

me coveting
Me, coveting. Here's a shot I've always wanted to take. Bona fide bloggers do this shot a lot. I never have because, well, one, this bathroom looks hideously dark and yellow w/my other camera (no natural light in here) and two, because my camera is so puny and unimpressive. This big camera is just sexaaaaay!!!!! Oh, and three, I haven't figured out whether I'm bona fide or not.

Verdict: I love her camera. I lurve it. I don't know what to do. Gotta make lunch. Will write more on this subject soon.