Thursday, January 28, 2010

Downright Homey

dou hwa
Just got back from Uwajimaya. I have one in my neighborhood, but don't go enough. Whenever I'm there I always think, "geesh, this place is so cool...I should come at least once a week." Today I was there to get my monthly dou hwa fix. This is kind of an acquired taste, but it's my comfort food b/c it's Taiwan street food and reminds of my childhood. It's also made of soy, so it's full of beneficial isoflavones, which is really why I eat it. Ahem! I'm sure the ginger syrup is healthy too. Let me do a quick search, hold on. OK. I'm back. Ginger has antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. Good for upset stomachs and the production of mucus. Yeah. That's why I drizzle lots of ginger syrup on it. :) It's so yummy and makes me happy.

Another thing that made me happy was the discovery that Uwajimaya carries KOMFORTE CHOCKOLATES. We're having Mexican food tonight, so we're going to share this one for dessert...if I don't chomp into it before then. Can I tell you how I felt when I saw these on the shelf? You know how when you move into town, you don't truly feel like you belong until you start running into people you know? That's how I felt--like I ran into my blog friend Blair at the grocery store. Fun!

green house down the street
This next thing was cool. I was getting ready to check out, and I spotted this magazine that has an oh-so-familiar looking house on it. Hello????!! I drive by this house all the time and have always wondered what the story is behind it. It looks so unique and like the owners are purposefully making an effort to be earth friendly with that awesome roof garden. It turns out that this is a zero energy idea house. If you're interested in seeing more, they even have a website.

boom noodle guy
Then, I got home and was paging through the magazine and lo and behold there's an article about a local restaurant. And there in the picture is the bartender who understandably gave us the evil eye when we walked up to the bar with our three kids last month. Of course, once we explained that we were there to check out the concrete countertops so we could see the work of the artist who created them, he was friendly and let us stay.

Did you read this far? Did you get all that? We're getting countertops! Woo hoo! Concrete ones! In the Spring.