Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Camera Dilemma


Bad news. My camera was dropped by a certain nameless 3 year old. The viewfinder now has a lovely crack in the upper left quadrant, which makes picture taking less fun. I think we'll be in the market for a new camera soon. I don't know what to do. On the one hand it would be fun to splurge on something fancy with a big lens. On the other hand, I love having a point and shoot...keeps things simple. I NEED more simplicity in my life. However, looking through flickr gives me the wanties for a more powerful camera. But if I do get a nice one, I'd probably have to invest in a class or two and at the very least a book/manual which would require lots of reading and fiddling and figuring things out, not to mention all the accessories that go along with a big camera. Then that camera would probably get dropped....hmmmmmm. Don't mind my ramblings.