Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dear Diary--

It's been a rough day. The pounding is incessant, but the end is near. They've finished the floors downstairs, and 2 bedrooms and the hallway upstairs. They'll finish the other bedrooms by the end of the week and by next week they'll finish the staircase. It's tiring, and I'm not even the one doing the work. When night time comes and the kiddos are in bed, all I want to do is veg in front of the TV. Last night we watched Hancock. The night before it was multiple episodes of House Hunters International on Hulu. I don't even remember what happened the night before that. I think I fell asleep watching Dog Whisperer.

Today the hubster took the kids to the driving range and I got to clean out my sewing room. Tonight I got to sew. This is what I made:




Thanks for listening, diary dear.
I can always count on you,