Saturday, November 28, 2009

More Christmas Sewing

I'm happy to report that the store-bought Thanksgiving meal was a huge success. I'm totally going to do it again next year. Our Thanksgivings involve family members coming to visit for a few days and involve lots of meal planning, grocery trips, and time in the kitchen, so I appreciated the one big meal being catered. La la la...spoiled, spoiled. Everything tasted yummy. The turkey was moist, the gravy was lump free, the stuffing was tremendous (as was my stuffed belly).

The only bummer was that little baby came down with the flu and our relatives decided to head home a day and a half early...which left me some time to sneak off and do some more Christmas sewing.

pound of thread
I bought a pound of thread for the machine. It makes more sense for me to do it this way. The bobbins in my machine are so huge that when I wind them, there's hardly any thread left on the conventional-sized spools.
christmas 2
I'm getting the hang of the new zipper foot.

christmas 1
I'm making good progress on the Christmas sewing.

Plans for today:
Locate a nearby tree farm and see if we can scare up a decent tree.
Drink lots of coffee with eggnog.
Find the motrin and see what that does for my bum leg.