Thursday, October 15, 2009


This little box uses the same cuff method as found in the soft basket tutorial on the right sidebar. It whips up pretty quick, and I may have to make some more judging by the rate our game and puzzle boxes mysteriously go missing.

fabric box
puzzle holder

****Thanks for the comments on the messenger bag redo on the last post. If I make another one, I'll do a more complete tutorial. In the meantime, here it is in a nutshell: Use the stitch picker to remove the top panel. I smoothed the fabric out on top of the panel and carefully cut a slit for the zipper. I turned under the fabric surrounding the zipper and taped it in place with double-sided tape. Then I handstitched around the zipper. I basted the fabric onto the panel around the edges and then attached bias binding all around the perimeter by first machine stitching , flipping it over, and then hand stitching. Finally I sewed the panel back on the bag. Would love for you to drop me an email if you end up redoing a conference bag. :)