Thursday, September 24, 2009

Under Cover

Part three of my sewing room tour includes a look at the drawers and not so attractive areas where I keep things I need but are not so lovely to look at. These shelves contain felt, quilted osnaberg, bonded fleece, canvas drop cloth, and interfacing.


On the other side, more of the same: fleece, curtain blackout lining, insulbrite, an unfinished quilt...

more shtuff

Next to that I have a basket of gift wrapping supplies--ribbons, paper bags, and tissue paper.

present wrapping

In the baskets above I keep little scraps from old projects that I can't bear to toss.

wall view
Here's the whole thing. Someday I may even clean out the middle drawers and show you those. That's right...I'm offering to show you my drawers. bwa ha ha!!