Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Organizing My Space

I was contacted recently by a design student to see if I'd be willing to share pictures of how I organize my sewing space and how I make it work for me. Of course, at the time I was contacted, my space was a disaster, but I said yes because I thought that would motivate me to get my act together. And it has. . . Another motivation was that Chara Michele came over a couple of weeks ago to work on some pants and I was so embarrassed to show her my sewing room. It tends to be the receptacle for stray magazines, and all the flotsam that accumulates on the kitchen countertop, tossed in there when expecting company. Sigh.

Anyway, I got it organized, and now it's the way that I like it.



rotary cutters



More pictures to follow in another post. I've been entirely too busy/frazzled/loved-up lately by a furry somebody. I'll write a post about her too, soon-ish.