Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Oma's Garden

We went on a 12-day visit to beautiful Pennsylvania, and thanks to the wonders of scheduled blog posts, you all didn't even know I was gone. :) We returned the day before school started (man, was that hard!!), and though I haven't fully adjusted to getting up so early in the morning and all the late night lunch packing, I believe I've finally eradicated the weird smells that took over the house in our absence (a word of advice--don't leave bananas on your kitchen countertop).

I took some pictures of my MIL's gorgeous garden when I was there so that I could snag some of her ideas. I love how pretty yet unpretentious it all is. Some people have the gift, you know. Maybe next spring I can incorporate some of these features into my garden. . . .



rock edging