Monday, September 14, 2009

More Craft Room Organizing

I don't own many sewing patterns...around twenty, maybe. I keep them in a portable hanging file folder container. This method works well for me.

pattern storage 1

The patterns get tucked into the hanging files. All my Craft Apple Patterns go in one file, my dress patterns go in another, pants in another....blah blah blah.

pattern storage 2

The patterns that have already been opened and used are typically too big of a headache for me to try to fit back into their original packaging. Those I place in a manila envelope, and I tape the original to the front so I know what's inside.

pattern storage 3

Pants-along folks: there is now a pants-along flickr group if you'd like to share your creations. I know some of you are still sewing away. Take your time!!! Hope you're having fun! :)