Friday, August 07, 2009

Pants-along: Materials List

I went out to buy fabric at Joann for the pants-along last night and was having trouble figuring out what to get. I don't know what happened to all their bottom weight fabric, whether they were hiding it somewhere or what, but the colors on the shelf were a bit off, and I couldn't imagine wearing any of them. So instead I wandered over to the cotton duck section, and it hit me... I should make shorts out of them. They'll be super sturdy, like Carhartt's.

If it works, I'll be very happy, but I'm seeing all kinds of possibilities for things to go wrong--will the fabric be too tough on my needle? Will I need to use more heavy-weight thread to do topstitching? Is the fabric going to be too thick for a drawstring waist? Even though I'm tempted to do a rough draft first and get back to you, I think I'm going to ahead a dive right in and hope for the best, as is my style. If you're more cautious, I recommend making a rough draft w/fabric that you don't care about. My first pair was a rough draft and I skipped all the topstitching and pockets just to figure out fit. I'm so glad I did, b/c I really learned a lot.

pattern 3886
Here's the materials list:

1) Your favorite pair of pants (to refer to)
2) See&Sew pattern 3886 (you can afford this @ $2.99--we'll be using pieces 10 & 11)
3) Enough fabric to make pants or shorts and pockets. For my size (size 8 on the pattern), 1-1/2 yd. of 45" is enough for shorts, and 2-1/2 yds. is enough for pants
4)Coordinating fabric for the casing (circumference of the waist x 2.5")
5)Coordinating thread
6)Eyelet kit (you'll need 4 eyelets that are 1/4")
7)Drawstring (I use a shoelace)

stitch tension

I'm off to test tension w/this heavy weight thread and get some serious sewing done this weekend. I'd love to hear what YOU are using for fabric. And if you're posting your progress/process on your blog, please let me know so I can link to you.