Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pants-along: Inspiration

I'm so excited to say that the sample shorts I made from cotton duck worked great! The pictures have all been taken, and I meant to get started on the tutorial last night, but after the stress of a root canal yesterday, I decided to plunk down on the sofa and watch Slumdog Millionaire instead (not a great way to relax, although it was a great movie!). So here are the shorts I made. I love 'em. The stiffer fabric was actually really well-behaved and easy to work with. The thicker thread worked like a charm with the right needle (size 16). I was concerned that the drawstring part might not have a lot of give with the thicker fabric, but these pants are so fitted that they don't really need a lot of flexibility in the casing.

It's pretty amazing that once you figure out how to make pants, you really start paying attention to details in every pair of pants you see. Here are a few that have been inspiring me lately:

Yellow with white stitching and the cool button detail on the bottom. Graygoosie is my fashion hero.

These beautiful linen drawstring pants from Free People. I love all the topstitching on the outer leg, and the teeny eyelets on the pocket.

I like the shape of these too.

What's been inspiring you?

*****Alrighty. Tonight I'm not going to be a slacker. The pants-along shall begin in earnest!


caitlyn said...

They look fabulous!

jennifer said...

what's inspiring me? i really love all the great fabric designs that are available. i want a breezy, soft, flowery pair of pants.

haven't seen a piccie yet.

gonna have to go to the fabric store this weekend.

Olivia Jean said...

Shopping for fabric this weekend too....I am thinking about a pair of linen short shorts.

Creating a post about this on my blog soon as well, so my readers can join along too :)

Olivia Jean said...

Forgot the inspiration part




Chara Michele said...

Love these shorts! I feel like I need a pair of linen pants now after seeing some of your inspiration :)

Joanna said...

Ooh! Olivia Jean, those flowery ones are great. Hmmmm. Wonder where they sell fabric like that??

Cristin said...

Well done! I haven't ventured into making clothes yet - seems sooo... *fussy* but you make it look easy! I tend to stick to flat objects like quilts and baby blankets :-)

Amy said...

I don't have time to try this at the moment and want to loose a few more pounds of baby weight but I love what I see so far and will definitely check back. Thank you!