Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pants-along: The Hem

Not sure anyone reading this needs a tutorial from me on how I do this, but here goes. Try on your pants. If they're long pants you'll need to put your shoes on to make sure you get this right. Mark w/chalk or a pin the length you want them to be. When you go to cut your fabric, leave an inch for the hem.

Fold the fabric under 1/2" and iron in place. (I serged the edge, but that was totally unnecessary.)


Fold it under again 1/2" and iron in place.

Topstitch the hem, and woo hoo--you're done!!!!

Coming up soon: LINKS TO YOU! If you are documenting your pants-along progress on your blog, please email me (jojo at greatturtle dot com). I'd love to feature your blog on an upcoming post. Cheers!


Johanna said...

I'd love to be sewing along right now, but I picked up the pattern in the wrong size! Doh! It was tough to find the pattern on that silly spinning rack, not to mention to two toddlers that were spinning the rack faster and faster, so when I found it, I grabbed one and went to the register. On the way home I thought... hmm, does this pattern come in different size ranges?!?

I have the fabric and I have the desire, now to find the time. Thank you so much for the detailed tutorial!

Anonymous said...

I'm at butt darts. Just got back pockets, drawstring waist and hemming to go! So far so good. I'll post about it when I'm done. Hopefully in a few days.

K said...

I just have to topstitch the outer seams, and I'll be on to butt darts.

LiEr said...

Hi Joanna, just found your blog today and love it! My youngest is small and wild so I don't do as much garment-sewing now as I used to. For adults, I mean. I really enjoyed reading your pants-a-long posts. I agree about top-stitching: it is an enigmatic little detail thing - some places in a garment are just weird without it and other places are completely ruined by having it. It can make or break a project sometimes, can't it? And there are no rules - all by feel and look! Crazy.
Also loved reading what you wrote about how being comment-free is oddly liberating. True. Well-said. Thanks for a great read! And have a lovely week.

Johanna said...

I made mine in a long nap time and an evening and wore them to a party the next day! I'm not blogging anymore, but I'm off to see if there is a flicker group and I'll upload pics there.

Now that I've picked up some great fit pointers, I want to make a pair with a zipper and button... I already have the fabric allocated!

Thanks for the hand holding!

K said...

I'm done! I'm done! So excited. I've updated my blogs with pics.

Kim said...

OK, I kind of feel silly, but I couldn't figure out how to comment to your blog? Anyway, I was going to comment on the 'Bells by the Door' post, I JUST wrote a post about the same thing! The puppy bells are the best and work wonderful! I'm sure your dog will get it eventually. Check out my puppy bells post-scheduled tomorrow :) You can see how my bells were made as well.