Friday, August 21, 2009

Pants-along: The Casing

For the casing, cut a piece of fabric that is an inch or two longer than the waist and 2-1/2" wide.

Fold the bottom edge of the casing fabric up about 1/2" and iron flat.

Starting at the back seam of the pants, pin the raw edge of the casing to the raw edge of the waist with right sides together. Leave some casing fabric on either side of the seam.

Sew on the casing fabric (using a 1/4" seam). Start sewing on the back seam. When you get all the way around, check to make sure you stop right before the seam.

Hold the two ends of the casing together, mark a straight line if you wish (not pictured), and sew the casing together (with right sides facing). Make sure to push the pants out of the way so you don't sew them by mistake.

Trim the extra from the edges, iron flat, and stich to close up the opening, if there is one.

Iron the seam open.

Fold the casing toward the inside of the pants, and iron it down.

Topstitch close to the edge to make the casing behave.

Use the chalk to mark where the eyelets will go. I measured 1" in from the pockets and about 1" down from the top.

Pull the casing up and out of the way, and insert eyelets according to the package directions. I reinforced mine with a piece of scrap fabric to ensure a snug fit. Insert two eyelets to the back of your pants as well. Use the placement of the front ones to determine where the back ones should go.

Now we're ready to attach to bottom of the casing. Pin it in place. Use a straight edge and chalk to mark where your topstitching will be. You want it to catch the fold on the bottom of the casing. Start at the back seam again and stitch all the way around.

Because I like to torture myself, I did another row of topstitching just under that one as well.

Now you're ready to insert the cord through the back eyelets and have both ends come out on the front side.

Next up: Hemming


Anonymous said...

That fabric goes great with the pants! Nice casing.

minnie said...

These are adorable!