Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pants-along: Back Pockets

For the back pockets, you'll need two pieces of fabric that are 6" x 7". (Although in retrospect, I think these pockets look a little longish. If I do this again, I'll make them 6"x 6".) Make chalk marks 1" in on either side along the bottom.

Use your straight edge and rotary cutter to shape the pockets.

Iron all the edges toward the backside and topstitch approximately 1/2" in from the outside edge, and make any other topstitching embellishments you wish. Want to see some really cool pockets? Look at these. I KNOW, her blog is *awesome*. Look around, but don't forget to come back, OK?

Topstitch around three edges of the pocket to attach it in place.

Reinforce the top corners to keep them firmly in place.

p.s. What do you think of the shape of those pockets? I was thinking the slimming down on the bottom would make my bum look slim too. Ha ha!!! More likely, I look as if I'm wearing flowerpots back there. You can make your pockets any shape you want, OK? I will NOT be offended if you go out on your own. In fact, I will be very happy for you...

Next up: Casing.

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Anonymous said...

I'm thinking a bunch 'o vertical stitching lines will make me look taller, too. :o)