Monday, July 27, 2009

Another Pair in Progress

olive green pants

So I had it all planned out. Olive green fabric for the pants, this funky Paula Prass fabric for the casing, and khaki thread to tie it all together. Then I got to my machine and the orange thread was still in there from my last project. There was this feeling that was a combination of "eh, I'm too lazy to change the thread" and "I haven't had enough of the orange yet." So despite my well-laid plans, orange thread it is.

My favorite thing about reading blogs is the aspect of looking over other people's shoulders as they work. I love that. Sometimes I don't even read the words. Pictures really do it for me. Thought you might like to look over my shoulder. Here I'm making butt darts. Butt darts are awesome. They really should be a fashion feature, don't you think? Instead of obscuring mine, I've topstitched them so that they really stand out. They are so special.

butt dart

The most special thing about them is the nice pooling effect at the bottom. Love that! :(

Let's just slap a pocket on top, shall we?
butt dart covered

I'm hoping to steal a few moments tonight to sew that pocket on and finish these pants up. The heat is sweltering today. My computer is hot and slow. I'd better sign off. Happy butt darts to you!