Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Piano Lessons

me @ the piano w/my bro

When I was little, I'd sit at the piano bench, close my eyes and pray that when I opened my eyes, an amazing miracle would occur--one in which my fingers would automatically know how to play some super fabulous classical piece that would dazzle everyone within hearing distance. Isn't that funny? That's a dream that never came true. I never did manage to be great on the piano. My "problem" was that I didn't really like reading music. I much preferred to play what I wanted to play, and would spend hours tinkering away at the keys writing my own tunes and thinking that if I could hear the song so clearly in my head, then it should possible to make it happen on the piano.

Here I am years later, fundamentally the same, but now instead of the piano, it's my sewing machine. I dislike following patterns. I'd much rather tinker. I see the finished product in my head and find ways to make it happen. I'm not "Miss expert sewist" by any means, but one gets to a point where he/she realizes that he/she is tired of making tote bags and is ready to move on to the next level. That's me. And I've come to the realization that moving on to the next level is going to require guidance and learning some new skills that I just might not have the patience to practice as I should.

Well, the next level, for me, is garment sewing. There's something a bit daunting about garment sewing (i.e. it has to look good, make me feel good, um, actually fit!?). I've decided that this is the summer I'm going to make all my own summer clothes. Sometimes I just need a good challenge, you know? I don't have time to take a dressmaking class (who offers them from 9pm - midnight, anyway?), so I'm going to just check a ton of books out from the library, arm myself with a few patterns, and actually do the step-by-step stuff that is against my nature. And maybe if some miracle happens, I'll wake up one day and be this automatic prodigy (I wish!!!).