Friday, May 08, 2009

The Coffin

I thought vegetable gardening would be out of the question at this house. We have many obstacles to overcome.

First, all of our best sunshine hits the driveway.
lots of trees
Second, we have lots of trees, which is wonderful for shade, for birds, and for tree climbing, but not optimal for sun-loving tomatoes.

lots of rabbits
Third, we knew we had a rabbit hole on our property, but some pruning of shrubs has lent us a view into the neighbor's property and, as it turns out, there are no fewer than 10 rabbit holes. 10!!! Since there is no fence separating our property, the rabbit holes might as well be ours.

What to do? We're not allowed to have fences in our sub, so enter the brilliant idea of the raised bed. It's extra high so that bunnies can't hop into it.
We all had a hand in building it. My hubby did most of the work, the kids contributed some hammering (and sweeping?) skills, and I got out my handy quilting ruler to make sure the corners were square. We're hoping this garden will make us feel more in tune with nature and allow us to be participants in our nutritional sustenance.

the coffin
The only problem is--it sort of looks like a coffin. :(