Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Phooey on It

pieces of vest

It's a good thing I'm a process knitter. I learned so much in the making of this sweater.

1) The long-tail cast on.
2) How to join shoulder seams.
3) How to do the mattress stitch.
4) How to make a nice looking cord.
5) Three methods of increasing: the bar, the M1R and the M1L.


If I focus on all the new things that I learned instead of how I will never, ever, not once wear this sweater out in public, then I will feel much better about the hours I spent knitting it.

OK then. Big breaths.

Other important things I learned: when knitting your first ever sweater for yourself, do yourself a favor and squelch the "I'm-going-to-improvise-with-this-other-yarn-and-see-how-it-turns-out" feeling. Stick with the yarn the pattern calls for. I feel like such a dummy. I'd tell you what kind of yarn I used, but if V*nna reads my blog, she'll be mad at me. At least it was on sale, right!? I even did a gauge swatch this time! Oh, and no matter how hard you try, acrylic doesn't block. And why did I buy acrylic yarn anyway? I never buy myself acrylic sweaters in the store. Aaaargh!!! I'm in such a foul mood right now.

pesky curl
This is the bottom of the back. Seed stitch isn't supposed to curl like this!!!!
This cannot be corrected by blocking!!!!! And why not? Because acrylic stinking doesn't block, OK?
I learned my lesson! Humph! :(