Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Love Bread

I've been a bit addicted to bread making lately. Especially the no-knead variety (so awesome for people like me who have tile countertops!). Hubby received this book from me for Christmas (actually he ordered it himself and paid for it, but really, it's from me), and I've sort of taken it over.

artisan bread

Turban-shaped Challah with Raisins

beer bread
Peasant Loaf w/Parmesan


I've heard people say that no-knead bread isn't the best for sandwiches. Maybe the peasant loaf isn't so great because of the hard crust, but the challah is soft and chewy and makes me want to go out and get a panini maker, it's really that good.

More bread posts are sure to come. I can't seem to stop taking pictures of every loaf that emerges from the oven.