Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Felt Sausage

Click here for a tutorial on the baseball stitch.



Hannah said...

Just wanted to say that I came here for your shoe tutorial but am enjoying the rest of your blog as well. I am a fairly new sewer but am really enjoying learning new projects. :-)

YayaOrchid said...

I too came here for the shoe tut and decided to look around. I LOVE your site! I'm saving the link. Thank you for being so generous and creative!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dear,my name is Francilene, i was soooo impressed with yours baby shoes that i decide to make it here in Brazil for my toop of kidz and nephews as well!!the only problem is:among 3 sisters we have got kidz from 3months up to 10 yrs old and i'de love to make this shoes to every single one of them.
the big chaleng is: how can i grade then to fit from our babaies to our 10 yrs old gorgeus girl???!can you help me some how,please?
I'mm already thankful
just in case my email add is:francesouzastone@hotmail.com