Thursday, March 26, 2009


Wow! I think everyone should do giveaways every now and then. It's so wonderful to hear from people who stop by this ol' blog. Thanks for dropping by and saying hi! And if you linked to me, an extra big thanks! I mean it!

OK...the winners of the giveaway are

c.Rachel of
and Britt of

Congratulations, ladies. The good news is you won. The bad news is your packages will go out, um, whenever I get the gumption to drag my bum over to the post office. Hopefully sooner than later, but with me that's how it goes. Smooches!! :)

If you feel bad you didn't win, it's pinkchalk says, "if you had fun, you won!" Make yourself your own prize: you can get the yarn here, and you can make the project pouch from this tutorial.

p.s. Rebekah made the Morning Snack Scarf. It looks amazing (and amazingly different from mine). Check it out!