Friday, March 06, 2009

B-day Party

puff paint

mikey painting

Here I am blogging about something that happened a couple of weeks ago. I'll get caught up one of these days.

The b-day party for K was fun. We had it here at home, and I think it's great when kids get a chance to do something artsy-fartsy. Joann's had a president's day sale on t-shirts, so I scooped up 15 of them in various colors and the kids got to express their inner Jackson Pollocks with puff paint. There were a some t-shirts left for me to have fun too. Cool discovery: puff paint doesn't puff if you use it sparingly and the little squeezy container it comes in is great for making dots. Hmmm....might have to try something on a larger scale for ME using this technique.