Friday, February 27, 2009

One Year Older

it's my b-day
Proof that I am botox-free

Here I am on my birthday. My five year old took a picture of me this morning and told me, "Since it's your birthday you grew a little bigger! I have to back up a little more to fit you in the camera." True that.

My biggest laugh of the day...the present my 2.5 year old gave me. He wrapped it himself. Did a smashing job, if I say so. When I opened it, what did I find? Why, the scissors he used to cut the paper with. We've had them for years. My kind of kid.

poking holes

I (well, with help) made my own birthday cake. It's Holy Cow cake. I found out about it from Tinkerblue. Her pictures made me drool. You make a devil's food cake and poke holes in it with a straw. Then you pour this wickedly sinful concoction made of caramel sauce and condensed milk over it and let it seep into the cake. Then add cholesterol laden frosting made of cream cheese and whipped topping (fat free b/c I was feeling guilty) and a layer or two of crushed up Butterfinger bars, and there you have it. I used this recipe.

holy cow cake
I was yummy.

I had a great day. Hope you did too!