Friday, January 09, 2009

The Christmas Report

I guess it's time to give a little report on what I got for Christmas. I love presents from my kids, of course...D picked me out a beautiful gold necklace--which I wear almost everyday because it is my most favorite piece of jewelry ever, M bought me a new ironing board cover (badly needed), and K spotted a blanket in the store that was EXACTLY like the one he sleeps with every night and decided I needed a "nordegreen" too. I'm so lucky!!! :)

tatted ornaments
But perhaps the most meaningful gift was in an envelope my mom sent me containing tatted ornaments that grandma made. I'm sure it was hard for mom to part with these, but I'll take good care of them. I'll have to find a way to display these treasures. I didn't really know my grandmother very well, having grown up on the other side of the world from her. The summer I graduated from high school and was getting ready to move to the U.S. for college, thinking I'd be able to visit her on school breaks, call her on the phone, and get to know her better--that was the summer she passed away. I feel like I was cheated from an opportunity to get to know her, but it is wonderful to have some items that were made by her hands.
tatted candy cane

We also had a trip down memory lane this Christmas. Most of my childhood pictures are on slides, and about 6 years ago, my mom divvied the the slides up among the kids. I finally went and got my set developed, and can I say WOW!!!??? Having not seen these pictures in years and years made looking at them rather emotional for me. I made up copies for my parents and sibs. These are the gifts I was talking about in my post here.
My sis, moi and my bro. Loving the groovy sofa in the background.

m and p
My gorgeous mommy and bro. (Like her dress? She made it herself! Did I mention she took classes in patternless dressmaking? She's a dynamo.) (Oh, and my bro--he's a hottie. In high school he could have been a member of Menudo. Then he went through the Keanu Reeves phase. I can get away with writing stuff like that here because he doesn't read my blog.)

If you made it this far down, I'm proud of you!!! And by the way--I'm so excited you guys like the idea of the advent calendar sew-along. At last glance the flickr group was at 97 and growing. Woo hoo!!!