Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New school, new fabric, new nephew

beesquare fabrics

Alrighty then...things were feeling a little sketchy there with the beginning of a new school year, dealing with a 2 week long teacher's strike, sending my beloved eldest to first grade in a brand new school (last year he went to a private school and this year we decided for various reasons to send him to the local neighborhood school), feeling like I was sending him to wolves and made worse by all the tears (his and mine) at the end of the day. And now that we're into the 3rd week of school the crying has stopped, and I've even noticed a spring in his step as we walk there in the morning. His teacher is awesome (and pretty) and he has made some friends. All good things. Whew!

OK. On to crafty things. I've discovered a really great online shop. What can I say? I'm not a huge fan of shopping online for fabric because I'd much rather see and touch it in person. If I'm working on a project that requires coordinating/color matching fabric, it's so hard to do it over the computer. The lovely thing about Bee Square Fabrics is that if you click on a fabric, it tells you what other fabric it matches with. One of my friends was over yesterday and we just clicked away and clicked away and drooled all over the keyboard...there is such pretty stuff on that website. The fabric above is going to be turned into a quilt for my brand new nephew who came from Portland to visit us this past weekend. Isn't he a doll? This little babe almost makes me want to have another one.