Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Something from Nothing

You may remember that I removed a whole front yard's worth of ivy a few months back. At the time I had no plans for the space except to get that durned ivy out of there. What I ended up doing was to use it as an incubation area for plants that needed to be rescued from the backyard. Not sure what I'm talking about??? Let me explain. Our backyard is a bit on the wild side. There is a lot of mysterious stuff growing back there and I have yet to figure out what most of it is. In the meantime we had to mow the "grass"--more like clover and what all else. But I felt bad mowing over some of these poor plants so I transplanted them to the front.

Exhibit A: these little guys.

Yes. I am a poor excuse of a lawn.

And now a few months later in good soil look what they turned into! I'm not sure what kind of grass this is called, but at a local gardening center, they were selling little pots for $6. Now in the backyard (no I still haven't done much back there--maybe next summer), the little sprouts are back again, so this is what I'm doing:

Packaged up in origami boxes for some garden-lovin' friends. The tutorial for the boxes is here.

**Whew. That was a long-winded story for "look, I made some origami boxes for my weeds!"

p.s. I'm not sure what is going on with my email. I recently discovered that a lot of it has been landing in my junk mail folder. If you've sent me an email, please be patient for a response as I sort things out. Thanks :)