Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Boxer shorts

When I take my kids with me to the fabric store, they always have opinions on what I should buy. Usually their taste in fabric is much different than mine. Most of the time I can talk them out of whatever oddball thing it is they want, but there are times where I think they should be rewarded for having to put up with wandering the aisles with me. So I buy the various half-yard of fabric to appease them. Well, I finally figured out that it only takes a half-yard to make boxer shorts. So now that fabric won't go to waste, and mama has a way to make her kiddos feel special. Bonus.

Having said that, here are a pair of 2T boxers being modeled by my 7 year old. I made these using fabric I like, and the intended recipient has all of a sudden decided he has opinions on what clothes he will and will not wear. Hmph!