Wednesday, July 09, 2008


My 20th reunion came and went and I'm happy to say that even though all the prep stressed me out, it went well.
I feel like I'm all caught up on the lives of my high school girlfriends. It's been ten years since some of us have seen each other and we decided that that was ten years too many--so we're going to start a new tradition by getting together next summer so we can laugh our bums off like we did this weekend. Hee hee. I can't wait. I used to think my ideal vacation would be to hang out in a quiet lakeside cottage somewhere I could enjoy a peaceful weekend of knitting and coffee. But now I know that I'd rather stay up too late for my own good laughing through high school yearbooks and listening to old choir tapes--the highlight of which was listening to us butcher a song in French. Il est bel et bon. I looked up the translation of it: He is handsome and fine, my husband is, There were two gossiping women in the village, Saying one to the other, do you have a good husband? He doesn't scold me, or beat me either. He does the chores, he feeds the chickens And I take my pleasure. Really you have to laugh to hear the cries of the chicks and hens: Co, co, co, co, dae, little flirt, what's this?
What's this, indeed? Can you imagine a bunch of Christian school kids clucking like chickens in French, bragging about having non-abusive husbands that pleasure us? Oh my!!!! Good thing we had no idea at the time what we were singing about. We just thought we were better than the choir of our competition school because we knew how to sing in French! Now you know why I'm so messed up. Not really. Well, maybe a little.


lindie "une bonne ├ępouse" pindie said...

I SO remember that song! And we sang it all seriously, too! Did Ms Farris know what she was making us sing??? Or shall I ask, Mme Farris a-t-elle su ce qu'elle nous faisait chantent ? :o)

Joanna said...

aww, linda remercie d'être mon commenter. solitaire je savais que personne d'autre ne se soucierait de ce poste. xoxo